PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia

A Member of the SIPEF Group


We strongly believe in having good neighborhood in the communities where we operate and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stretches from providing assistance in improving  welfare of surrounding communities.

On a regular basis we make contributions and donations to sponsor and support humanitarian projects. The following are just a few examples of our efforts:

  • The Company has approved the award of scholarships to local university undergraduates to pursue their study in agricultural science.
  • The Company paid out allowances to temporary teachers teaching in government schools situated on the estates. A total of 72 teachers are enjoying this benefits every month.
  • Continued to implement ‘Kebun Masyarakat Desa’ (KMD) or Village Plantation Scheme. The oil palm fields are developed for the villages. The development of such scheme is 100% financed by the Company. Todate more than Rp. 4 billion has been paid out to the villages consist of 34 KMDs.

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PT Agro Muko’s Drum Band
Celebrating Independence Day

Decorated Vehicle
Participating in the Celebration of Independence Day

PT Kerasaan Indonesia – A Biogas Project for Villagers

Kebun Kas Desa – Oil Palm Project for Villagers