PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia

A Member of the SIPEF Group


“Société Internationale de Plantations et de Finance” (SIPEF) was incorporated in 1919 with the principal aims of promoting and managing plantation companies which would operate in both tropical and sub-tropical areas. The Medan agency  was known as “The Anglo Dutch Estates Agency” which operated until 1958

Office of the SIPEF Group, Kasteel Calesberg, Schoten

when the name changed to “The Anglo – Sumatra Estates Agency Limited”. In  1961 the agency once again changed its name to become “PT PERUSAHAAN PERKEBUNAN TOLAN TIGA” which is our current name.

Since then the company has developed into an agro-industrial group of established plantations with processing and shipping facilities in Asia and Oceania, Africa and South America..

A programme of diversification was started in the 1970’s when, in addition to the traditional crops of rubber, oil palm and tea, other crops such as bananas, pineapples, ornamental plants, guava and pepper were introduced. Currently the estates extend to some 66,000 planted hectares.

Plantation make up the core-business for the SIPEF Group. Oil Palm, Rubber, Tea and Banana constitutes the main tree crops and these are located in Indonesia, Papua New Guiniea, and Ivory Coast.